More erotic dreams

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, was having an erotic dream, I tried to get back to it after my alarm went off but there wasn’t a return.

It was a normal morning, she was at the kitchen table playing on her phone, I was making coffee and packing her lunch.  She proceeded to turn her chair around, bent over it, elbows on the table still playing with her phone, and told me to get licking.  There she knelt in her robe, and I lifted the barrier away. It was so pretty.  Her round bottom framing the top of her bare mound, only half accessible, her sensitive clit out of reach in this position.  I went to dig in, very excited about my meal, but the way she was positioned made getting my tongue in her pussy difficult at best.  It meant that her lovely pussy wasn’t my intended target, I was to worship her bottom.  I did so eagerly, spreading her cheeks further apart so I could delve into her, as well as see where my tongue was flickering over and  circling.

She was getting arroused, I could feel the heat from her sex on my chin, and caught her scent of her readiness.  She asked me to fuck her, I danced on my toes waiting for her to turn around with the key that is around her neck.  Ready to be free of the cage that has kept all of my erections at bay for so long.  She waited for me and said “with your fingers, I don’t need your cock, I wanna cum”.  I slid my first two fingers in, curling them and rubbing her g spot as I moved them in and out of her.  My attention focused on both my hand in her and my mouth on her bottom.  I gave her a third finger which did the trick.  She had an orgasm, clenching around my fingers, and I could feel the contractions around my tongue.  She thanked me and went to shower.

I calmed down, she left for work, and with all that extra energy I decided to get some chores done.  She texted me later and asked what I was doing and I told her.  She wanted to know if the maid was wearing her uniform, I said not really.  She said something like “let me know when she is” or “yes she is” or something like that.  It was fairly clear on the attire I was to wear.  I quickly showered, shaved, and dressed.  Since it was an order, I went full out.  Little black dress, undergarments, heels, the works.  Even put a little bit of makeup on to complete the look.  She asked for pictures during the day, and I sent them when asked.  She told me to be ready to serve her when she got home.  Super excited I was waiting by the door.

This part of the dream is wear it goes away from anything reality based.  For awhile it ceases to even be sexual and is more humiliation oriented.  I had the dog in his kennel, I had the house clean, I was waiting for her, kneeling at the door, and she comes in talking, I assume she was in the phone.  She wasn’t.  Her friend was there with her.  I panicked and tried to run out of there but my mistress quickly said to get back here right now.  I did, I couldn’t even look up.  Her friend squealed in laughter and said I looked even prettier than my pictures.  I couldn’t move I was frozen on my knees in front of them.  Mistress told me to fix them some drinks on the porch.  I ran to get the drinks just happy I was no longer in their gaze.  They continued to chat, I’m sure about me, us, and our arrangement.  She asked me if i was allowed to touch myself and I said no, then asked how she makes sure and I said I was locked, and she asked me to show it.  I did as I was told and exposed my cage that was hidden away.  She then asked if it was small, and I said yes.  She then told me she was done with me and to wait for her in the other room.  I escaped and fled to the sanctuary of the living room.  Trying to listen but their muffled voices left me more curious.  I wanted to know what they were saying.

She came back into the room, her friend had gone, I was a complete mess, I was anxious and wanted an explanation.  Before I could even ask she said she was so proud of me, that I was the perfect husband, and that her friend was very jealous.  She had wanted to know what made us so close and she wanted to share.  My embarrassment quickly turned to pride, and it really didn’t matter seconds later, I seemed to bounce back quickly.

She said it all got her very excited and wanted some cock.  Again I danced around waiting for the key, but when we got to the bedroom she just opened the drawer and took out the dildo.  It’s fairly decent size, but it’s not super big, about 8 inches with a decent girth.  She undressed and began to slide her toy in.  I love watching it disappear inside her, even more, I love watching her when she really starts going to town.  She gets in a very rapid pace and fucks herself silly.  It disappears so rapidly, in and out, the sounds that go with it just as addictive.  She started talking dirty as she got closer.  About how she wanted to fuck a real cock, about me licking her clit while some hung guy fucks her, asking me if I was her little dicked cuck, and I quickly agreed, mesmerized by the show.

When she was done she said i deserved a treat.  She took out the key and unlocked me.  I was super excited but she said “only a ruined tonight, your choice, I do it and you clean up my fingers, or you do it and clean it off of me”. That’s a tough one, but wanted another chance to lick her.  I then started rubbing myself while kneeling between her legs, she watched me intently, all the while pushing my buttons with her words.  Even in my dreams I can’t last long when she talks that way,  soon I’m near the edge and have to stop.  While I’m waiting for the sense of cumming to subside, I see cum surface at tip of my penis and then flow out.  It just bled out, no spurting or orgasm, of course in your dream it always works out, in reality they are not as easy as that and one little bit extra can put you over the threshold.  There it was pooling on her beautiful bare mound.  I was still so horny and desperate I wanted to just finish myself off and fucking cum!  She told me to be a good little cuck and clean her up, and I dove in, knowing this was more than likely the closest I was going to get tonight.  I devoured her and couldn’t get enough.  I wanted to stay there, to fall asleep breathing her in, tasting her with every breathe.

It didn’t go any further, either I woke up because I ran out of dream, or because of my alarm.  Either way, I couldn’t get back and finish, so very much like life lol!  Anyway, it was strong enough to remember the details, which is something, and also marked something new…nonsexual third party appearance.  Although I don’t think it really had anything  to do with anything more than being exposed, vulnerable, and embarrassed.

Dreams are funny, I’m locked even there!

I sure love her and think of her all day.

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