Started a new journey

This is an edited version, I didn’t realize my greeting would be so long.

Condensed version:  I was 42, recently divorced, father, and had a new girlfriend.  I introduced my submissive side to her, and male chastity.

She really ran with it, and it has turned into a female led marriage, along with domestic discipline.  I’m still in chastity, and both our fantasy and kink life has expanded.

This is our story.

Long time no see, hitting the reset button

Long personal rant warning, hopefully I will have kink to glow about next time

Well if you are still reading this or check in when I post a new one, I haven’t fell off the earth, but I haven’t been in a good place either.

When personal life gets tough, and then your lifestyle is put on hold, it tends to lead to a funk that is hard to shake. We were not struggling at all as a couple, but our dynamic had dwindled, and neither of us had made an effort to get back to our normal. Chastity had remained, but teasing, playing, discipline, verbal humiliation, and maid service had all but disappeared. Then before anyone could confront that issue I had a personal setback when I was fired from a job I had for nearly 30 years. The reason was minor and a bit of a technicality, but was fired nonetheless.

This blow hit me a bit harder than I had liked to admit. A lot of my identity had and still does, revolve around my occupation. 3rd generation at the craft, most of my friends are friends from work, and was somewhat highly regarded at work. Not having that, being embarrassed about being fired, not having the security, insurance, and facing the life altering reality that I may have to move to get a job in my field, was overwhelming. I had contingency plans for such an event financially to prevent fiscal ruin, but it didn’t change the fact that my life may take a drastic change.

So, I was depressed, worried, embarrassed and I just wasn’t feeling submissive, wasn’t feeling the deep desire to please, wasn’t concerned about getting played with, ruined orgasms or cumming. I made an effort on cleaning the house for awhile but was more about practical use of time that was empty.

I recently was asked to return to work, and although I am still worried and on my best behavior at work, I’m starting to return to normal. My thoughts are beginning to return to serving, to pleasing, to feeling the ache of wanting her and the magic of her touch. Recently bought a few outfits, got my maid uniform out of storage, bought a new collar (dogs destroyed the old one), gonna paint my toes soon, diligence with grooming, and am looking forward to pleasing her once more.

On a side note, after wearing my cage for quite some time, and not taking care of its maintenance, I had developed a burn like rubbing of skin on my sack. You could literally see the skin worn away from lack of self care. This turned into a bigger issue than I had ever had. It’s been about two weeks of being uncaged and applying neosporin to heal it back to somewhat normal. Skin is obviously still dangerously thin there, but the healing of the wound is now about done, and wearing the cage again is doable if I am diligent with maintenance.

I hadn’t posted about it, but this summer was actually full of orgasms. Relatively speaking. I had multiple romps on vacation, a few after, and a few just cause she wanted to. Last year I had under 6 I believe and honestly I lost count this year. Plus I’ve been cage free for a few weeks and have serviced myself several times due to unsupervised freedom lol.

So hopefully we will be hitting the reset button soon, and can get back to my old self, the feeling of submission, the aching for her, and all the sexual kink that we have in our female led marriage.

I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really really want…

I am a member of a chastity forum, been there for years, even before I started wearing a cage. Since I started having a key holder, living this lifestyle, and actively share our story to other couples, I have been asked advice, on both relationships as well as cage issues.

When asked about differences, or why something isn’t working, I always mention communication. “You need to tell them what you are thinking, and what you want, then ask them the same”. Well it’s time I take my own advice. My last post was mostly venting, and brought up the what if questions about quitting chastity and female dominance that we have practiced. She reads my blog, or at least gets notified when I post, and my last post was a (poor) example of communication. Yes I mentioned what I thought was wrong, but I didn’t really say what I wanted.

So I will tell ya what I want, what I really really want. Sorry, couldn’t help putting in the spice girls reference. I want to be in chastity for you. I want you to be my only sexual outlet, your decisions, I want you to bend me to your will. I love wearing the cage for you. I love that I can give up erections, freedom, and choice for you. I love being in a constant wave of fore play, waiting for you to grant me whatever pleasure that turns you on. I love knowing that whenever your dick is used it is 100% because it’s your idea to use it, that you are wanting it to happen. I love the knowledge that you can have me do anything you please, do anything you want to me, and you have the power to stop and lock it back up whenever you choose. So what I want is to live my days caged for you.

Another thing I want, I want us to be more sexual again. I have been putting it on your loss and the hard times before it, but it’s been a long time now. It might have been that at the beginning, but think it’s festered into habit. I want us to be spontaneously sexual, new experiences, old experiences, new routines, old routines, we seemed to have dropped off the sexual map. I used to say “we have sex all the time, pretty much every day, maybe not orgasms for me, but we do things that are sex to me”. Yes I’ve gotten a bit heavier, so I know I’m not as cute as before, but I want us to be able to drop what we are doing and give a hand job to one one another. To decide the tv can wait until I’m done licking you for awhile. To work on getting my hand in you like we thought we would work on. To telling me that you need to get off and being there for it. I am a very sexual person, I live and breathe for you, i don’t have to have orgasms, but I do have to feel wanted and sexual with you.

I want to be dominated. I remember telling you that I am submissive, and that hasn’t changed. Part of me that wants that, is more than sexual, it’s validation. I want to prove my love by doing things for you or to you. I want my boundaries tested. The more awkward, the more humiliating, the more challenging the better. It makes me feel loved to be able to serve and show it. I want to be challenged, and then meet it.

I want to be disciplined when I need it. Being corrected and then making it right let’s me know you care, you understand, and you won’t give up on me. I remember once during a fight you told me to come back after I had walked away, and gave me a paddling. I had felt taken care of, and that our relationship was worth it to you to make things right. I slept like a baby. Being available for discipline for both major and minor infractions gets me all subbie and feeling owned.

I want routines. As much as I love being told to do things, I also love your expectations to be met. Routines and rules that don’t bend, that need to be done or discipline given. Sometimes I don’t realize if it’s something you want every time or to wait for you to tell me. Clean up is a perfect example, was super hot when you told me to, but not sure if it’s something you wanted every time, so I don’t. Maid service was another, you once told me it was the most erotic thing you’ve ever had, but you don’t request it, so I wait for you. I just don’t know what to do unless you tell me, or if it’s a routine. So I want input , I want you involved, I want you to want me…ok that was Cheap Trick, but still correct.

All in all, none of this is new material, a surprise, or far from a few years ago. I am so proud to be yours, I pride myself on belonging to you, it’s part of who and what I am. I wear my pendant with pride. I want to get a tattoo and be branded forever as yours. This is who and what I am. I’m a feminine, submissive, sex craving, needy, slave to the one he loves. I want my wife, lover, friend, play partner, owner, keyholder, my Mistress Amante.

That is what I have thinking and what I want. What have you been thinking and what do you want?

Ps, I love and adore you completely, I’m yours forever.

Female led marriage, or just a guy that locks up his cock

I haven’t been blogging much, not much going on in our dynamic to share. I’m still locked in chastity, but all pretense of teasing, her dominance, routines, expectations, or my sexual kinks have fallen off her radar.

I would be heartbroken about it, but have thought about ditching the cage. This lifestyle requires a certain amount of participation, even if it doesn’t end in orgasm, to work. Subs need fuel to stay subbie, and wearing a cage is a heavy task without feeling it’s purpose. Vitamin E massages, ruined orgasms, anal play, clean up, maid duty, discipline, routines, directions, orders, dirty talk, it all added up to me being able to be caged and be the partner I want to be.

This would be weird for us, because this lifestyle is so much a part of us as a couple. We only dated a few months before we started this, we lived together for a few years caged and her submissive, and we even got married as her caged submissive. She went through a loss and obviously, all this went to the wayside, but it’s been a few years now. I don’t want this lifestyle to become some distant memory, this is still who I am.

I also worry about my attitude and behavior if I were to give up the cage. I know in the past I have reverted to self pleasure, somewhat selfish behavior, and tend to shut out others around me. I think this lifestyle and the vulnerability of being open with kink, lead to me being more open and communicative. I would worry about our relationship turning into something that I don’t recognize.

That being said, we love each other very much, and I’m certain we would survive whatever life throws at us, it’s just scary when one of the first foundations of our life together has almost disappeared.

Recently we went on a vacation, drove from Wisconsin to Montana and back. Had a great time, and drive was surprisingly light and fun. I brought toys, harness, and doxy wand, but unfortunately never got to use them. We did however have a very nice soak in the hot tub, mixed in some soap that ended up making too many bubbles, had a good laugh, and ended up using my mouth and fingers to get her off. That was wonderful, kissing, tasting her, feeling her quiver under my touch. Went to bed caged, but I convinced her to unlock me the next morning. Was a quickie, but I came a lot, was just incredible! The trip back she had her monthly and she was out of commission for any further play. Was still very nice sitting in the whirlpool with her, her hand casually on my cage, as the water gently swirled around us.

Anyway, not much going on here anymore, but will update if things change, better or worse.

Missed opportunity

I will ruin the surprise and spoil the ending telling you I was allowed to cum, number 2 of the year. This will be a retelling of the experience, explicit in an erotic tone. So it will be more than a play by play, it will have vivid reflections and feelings…beware hahaha.

We came home from a night out and went to bed both a little drunk. She said she was in the mood for a little doxy (powerful wand), I handed her the tool as usual and began caressing her while she grinds the toy into her sex. She then told me what she wanted the next day.

“I want my maid bent over on the bed with the paddle when I get home. I’m going to paddle you until you’re red.” I quickly agreed I would. She then said something surprising, “then I’m going to fuck you. You want me to fuck you with the strap on don’t you?” I mumbled something like if she wanted to I want to. She wanted me to admit it. “Do you want me to fuck you?” I begged yes I did.

“After your paddling I’m going to fuck you, and you are going to cum, and I am going to put every drop in your mouth. Do you want that? Do you want to lick up all your cum?” I again quickly told her I did. “You should always be cleaning up your cum, I shouldn’t have to tell you should I?” I again babbled an agreement of sorts, frantically trying to caress her as she was grinding on the toy. She said she was going to have a big one, and had a quivering orgasm. I immediately went down to taste her, was allowed to for a bit before she pulled me up and asked if I wanted to be unlocked.

I was a leaking mess, I couldn’t get it off fast enough once she gave me the key. Once unlocked I leaned over her, my sex feeling the heat from her but not daring to press against it yet. We kissed, our chests pressing together, as I desperately tried to hold off from it touching her. I wouldn’t last long I knew. She pressed her hand on my butt pressing me into her and my mind is nowhere but there. Completely enveloped in her. I do not reach very far into her, but what I do feel is completely luxurious and wonderful.

I begin my thrusting and I try to think of something else, cumming is already at the precipice and I just got there. She whispers that she is going to be fucking me tommorow, with a much bigger cock than im using now. I closed my eyes trying not to cum, and then she grabbed my breasts, fondled my nipples, and as I thought one might go in her mouth…I couldn’t hold it any longer and came so hard it physically hurt. My body shuddered, contracted, I just kept cumming.

On top of her, in post bliss, I hardly had the strength to roll off. I knew I should have crawled down and cleaned her, but I was so spent, and she didn’t say anything so I simply rolled over.

As the title suggests, I feel there was a missed opportunity, but it’s hard to tell. She told me she wanted the maid bent over for a paddling when she arrived home, but it was also said while we were fooling around. She mentioned that she wanted to fuck me as well, but again, mentioned while playing. She also mentioned letting me cum again and having me clean it all up, but didn’t push me to the night before. So when a buddy of mine asked if I would hang out at the bar with him because his daughter was visiting I agreed and went. I told her, and she joined us after work, and nothing was mentioned about what was supposed to happen. Still hard to gauge what is serious and what was meant to turn me on.

I do however think I made a poor choice by not assuming she was serious. I mean how is she ever going to experiment or push my boundaries, if I always assume she’s just talking dirty. Especially lately, when the last couple years were kinda hectic or stressful, we had put this lifestyle on hold. Sometimes I take for granted that it will just return naturally because we’ve always had this dynamic in our relationship. That getting back to normal may not be as easy as just getting back to normal.

So Mistress Amante, if I had missed an opportunity, or disappointed you, I am truly sorry. I will try to do better, and ask you what is going on before assuming anything. I really am yours to do absolutely anything to. I may need a firm voice to follow though.

Love you more than you know.

Doxy wand is getting a work out

Just reliving some bedroom fun and frustration from this week.

A few nights ago she was feeling frisky and kept casually touching my cage. I kind of chuckled, not really because it was funny, but because we both know I can’t get hard no matter how much she touches it with my cage on. She was kind of restless and finally said it was time for doxy(the wand). I handed the high power vibe to her and started caressing her inner thighs while she worked the toy. I slid my thumb inside her, her becoming more wet as the toy did it’s job. She casually asks me if I should be unlocked to fuck her, which I vigorously shook my head yes with a verbal “uh huh!” She then asked “is your little dick was bigger than your thumb?” I said no it isn’t. “Why would I unlock you then? We agreed sex was all about my pleasure, so should I unlock you for you to fuck me with your little dick?” I had to admit that no, that wouldn’t be for her pleasure, it would be for mine. She got off and handed me the toy to return to its spot, kissed me good night and I went to sleep with a leaking cage.

A few nights later we were out and about, and I hinted at fooling around, she said maybe, she had already cum 4 times earlier with doxy. I was a bit miffed by the news, although her pleasure is hers to have as she pleases, I have come to rely on at least being present, almost like her orgasms are my orgasms, and when she plays without me I miss out on the only intimacy I get. On the other hand it’s super hot thinking of her reading erotic stories and playing with her pussy all day…mmmm to be able to be there would have been priceless. Even if I wasn’t allowed to touch her.

So later that evening we went to bed, and she was feeling restless again, and asked for doxy. I handed it to her and she worked her magic on herself as I caressed her. I leaned over her with my head towards her toy so I could work my thumb in her again. As I was hovering above her, her hand slid under my chest and began to fondle my breast as I worked my thumb and the toy buzzed. Having my sensitive nipples played with, gets me almost close to cumming in my cage. Odd how my body has somewhat replaced erogenous zones, making them ultra sensitive. Not to mention I guess that I’ve always loved having them fondled, licked and sucked on, probably because no other woman has really touched them.

She had her orgasm, I could feel the wetness around my thumb and her contractions clenching it in place. She removed the toy and I didn’t hesitate to dive in and taste her pleasure. It was delicious, it was intoxicating, I didn’t want my face to ever leave. Of course she was a bit sensitive to further contact, and as much as I tried to avoid her clit, she had enough and pulled me away from my honey pot. I wasn’t ready to stop, my mouth went to her breasts, and her neck, my chest rubbing against hers, every nerve ending was on fire, I climbed further on her hoping she would unlock me to cum. I moaned, I somewhat begged, wanted to slide into her perfect pussy. I mean I can’t slide inside very much past her lips, but you know what I mean. She assured me that she was done, thus I was done. I rolled over breathing heavy trying to catch my breath, I felt my cage, it was wet with precum from my desperate leaking. I cannot really feel it, it cannot get hard at all when locked, so remains more of a flaccid spout than an actual sexual organ. Before I could control my breathing, I could hear hers peacefully fall asleep within minutes. And just like that, when subconsciously I knew she was peacefully satisfied, my body started it’s cool off and I was able to drift off to sleep, satisfied with her satisfaction.

So the doxy wand has gotten its work out. I would like to unlock sometime to use one of the toys that fit over me, or skip the unlocking and use the newest toy with the harness. I bought a new dildo that is like one of our first ones “Johnson” but it’s not as big and think she would enjoy it.

I skipped maid duty this week, usually I take one of my days off to be the maid, but was fairly busy. Hoping to spend more time worshiping her body any way I can, for now it’s just been foot rubs. It takes everything I have not to pop her toes in my mouth and lick every inch of them when her foot rub request is made.

On a side note, our puppies have eaten, ripped, and torn apart every sex related object not locked away lol! My collar, some cuffs, quite a few dildos, all torn to shreds. Grrrrr

Until next time!

2021 wrap up, some changes.

Well to wrap up 2021, was allowed to cum 6 times, a little fewer than last year. Maid service has resumed, but not very formally. My diet went to shit,although I didn’t gain that much back. I built a huge deck, and we got a new puppy.

I’m going to swipe another blogger’s post idea, Denying Thumper wrote that he feels his cock was no longer there. For me it’s similar, maybe not that transformative as his feelings, but I don’t think of it as a penis either.

It’s odd how I went from “ooo I hope she touches it!” to “mmmm i sure would love to lick and suck on her feet before diving head first into her beautiful pussy!” When exactly did that happen?!! I don’t even remember when I came last in one of my erotic dreams! Almost all of my recent ones have been about her explaining how she was going expect certain things and I was going to accept them. In dreams I am always feeling satisfied just being able to worship her and prove myself through acts of submission.

Sometimes I act as if I’m uninterested in giving her a foot rub, to be honest, it’s because once I rub them with lotion, I know further worship is out of the question…I’ve tried it and the lotion tastes just awful. Somewhere down the line I stopped thinking of it as a penis. I seem solely focused on trying to please her, ways I think she would like, new experiences I want her to try. I don’t think like a person with a penis, no thoughts of trying to get it in her mouth, her pussy, or her hands. Oddly enough I do have a small switch that happens when I think of fucking her. Like if I’m wearing my harness with dildo. I think of different positions, slapping her ass, pulling her hair back, taking her…all the things I’m not really equipped to do.

What else happened this year, not much. Was a fairly simple summer filled with family reunions, fishing trips, and hanging out. Looking forward to doing some mild landscaping around the new deck, and hanging out there a lot. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet some friends that will enjoy it with us. Funny, it’s so much more difficult finding friends when your older. Then add in each spouse needs to get along with the other and their spouse.

Sexually we haven’t been very active and looking to change that in 2022. Will try to make more of an effort to instigate. Just because it’s her decision to unlock me, doesn’t mean I stop trying to pleasure her. So more going down, more fingers, more doxy wand, more massage table time, and more harness fucking.

Happy new year faithful readers!

Big O number 6

I had an incredible little session with my beautiful wife the other night. Since it’s somewhat of a rarity, I thought I would share with my faithful readers all the lovely details. Plus, putting it to paper so to speak, gives me a chance to dwell on it more intensely and basically is like fore play.

The evening was a get together of friends and coworkers at our neighborhood bar for her birthday. Everything went well, we got loaded, and after we went home. Going to bed is always somewhat of an ordeal, dogs out and back in, makeup and contacts removed, getting all the pups rounded up to come with us to the bedroom. Not exactly ever going to be a strip clothes off and stumble into bed situation. Anyway, we eventually made it to bed.

Once there she got the need to cum and said “no what I could use?” Which is her way of saying “hand me the doxy wand, I’m gonna cum”. I handed her the wand, and soon after she moaned out an orgasm as I fondled her thighs, breasts, neck, and made out.

She then said “ I really want to get fucked, do you think you can?” I of course said I definitely would but I caught her meaning that we had been drinking and sometimes that means I won’t be able to cum. She said “alright but if you can’t I’m not sure when I’ll unlock you again” and handed me the key. I frantically unlocked and got the cage off, and as soon as I set it down dove head first towards her pussy. It’s been a bit since I’ve tasted her, and know it’s extra sweet after she cums. She however didn’t let me dwell there long, telling me she didn’t need that, she needed a cock.

I didn’t need to be told twice and crawled up her body to be on top of her. I slid in her and the warmth and wetness enveloped me and it was like heaven. I tried to go slow at first to make it last, but it became apparent that she was giving me a chance to cum, and I was wasting it trying to hold off.

I then went to town, trying to go as deep and fast as I could. She asked “does it it feel good?” I blurted out something like yeah it’s perfect or something like that. She then said “you know I can’t even feel you, you said you could fuck me“. I then put the Spurs on and went as hard and fast as I could. My breasts above her bouncing, she cupped and fondled them which felt incredible. She then said “ I don’t think your little dick can fuck me, and it doesn’t look like it can cum either, maybe you should just put your cage back on”.

I was frantic, I pleaded that I could, I was almost there, to please please please let me cum. She said “ok but it looks like I need to find a nice big cock that can fuck me.“. With all that dirty talk, her caressing and playing with my nipples, and her wonderful pussy…I absolutely drowned her insides with cum. I stiffened up and had a total body cramp, the pleasure so intense I have no idea what guttural sounds snuck out of me as I was paralyzed with all the sensations.

Whew!!!! I was spent.

Ok, the erotic portion of the show has ended, now on to new year’s resolutions. I normally don’t go in for those. Usually it’s about bad habits to quit, or weight to lose. This is more of a sexual resolution. I am going to attempt to implement some of the tools I have already.

We have a lot of toys, that we don’t use, more than likely because I don’t initiate using or they are not readily available. Well they are right there, but it’s not instantaneous. The harness for dildos is right there, but I have to load it with a toy, put it on, lube it up. I have dildo that slides over me to wear. I would have to unlock, and put it on. Heck we even have a sex machine that looks really cool, but have yet to fire it up. That would require finding a place to put it, getting the angle right of the position she wanted, plugging it in…not exactly spontaneous.

I will say though that I haven’t been trying to implement them into our sex life with any real plan or initiative. It was more like “build it and they will come”. Here’s a few drawers of sex toys, let me know when you want to use em. That’s not exactly hot for her, and not fair to expect her to initiate every encounter. So it’s my goal to try to set the table for using them, to ask and set up situations that make using them easy and fun, and if it requires me to take cage off to lock back up without being told.

The other sexual resolution is one I’ve made before, but we kinda forgot about it. We were working on being able to fist her. It would take practice, time, nothing forced or painful, and lots of lube lol. We were at 4 fingers up to the thumb before we lost track of our goal. So will try to set up intimate times, massages, and add in some very lubed up fingers on a regular basis.

That is it for this installment. If I don’t make another entry before the end of the year, I hope all of your New Years sex resolutions work out!

Reoccurring dream

Well it’s about that time of year, outside projects are either done or waiting for spring, and can concentrate on inside the home. That being said, I might attempt another shot at maid service.

I have plenty of time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the house to myself, and plenty to organize and clean. Oddly enough, I found it to be relaxing and productive. It mixes in a certain amount of submissiveness, fore play, and femininity that makes normal work seem like a sexual activity. The anticipation of pleasing her, making her happy, and the reward of seeing instant results from something you can look at is gratifying.

The feminine clothes put me in submissive mode almost instantly, and make the work, chores, and tasks feel rewarding instead of labor. Not to mention it feels like I am myself, exposed and vulnerable, open to just be me , at least for awhile.

Maybe this stems from the reoccurring dream I keep having about her. In it, my wife sits me down, informs me that my life is going to change, and what she expects from now on. The details are often similar, and sometimes implied as dreams sometimes are. It’s “you will do this” “you will do that” and “ I expect this from now on”.

Fundamentally it centers on activities she demands, such as chores. Appearance she expects, such as feminine. Giving her pleasure how she sees fit such as foot worship, going down, rimming, massages, toys, etc.

It often goes with acts of humility, embarrassing and openly vulnerable tests of submission and love, like wearing a plug, ruining an orgasm and cleaning my mess off of her or her feeding it to me, wearing the humbler or being pegged. Actually I used to think about pegging way more often, but I think subconsciously I know she’s not a fan so it doesn’t even pop up anymore unless I’m using my imagination.

Discipline is usually in the dream as well, either her holding me down paddling, slapping my cock and balls, or something similar for not performing as I should.

It then wraps up with a loving yet stern discussion of my place, my inadequacies, and that my willingness to accept her full and total control will let me prove my worth and love. That her changing our dynamic shows me how much I mean to her.

Most would think, ok when does the sex start in this sex dream? It doesn’t. When do you get touched or cum? I don’t. When do you get to the part that something kinky happens? Never. It almost always is about the lead up, the discussion, her telling me what is and what will be. Me accepting.

Dreams are just the subconscious trying to escape, the reality is I couldn’t and wouldn’t want it to ever go that far. We have a great loving relationship, we are best friends as well, and having this be all the time would change that. It would be hard to joke around, tease her, laugh and have fun while I’m her submissive feminine maid. So with the winter creeping in, it gives me time to try to focus on her, on the home, and on serving her all I can. Will save the full time stuff for when I’m sleeping.

Nothing else going on, dream updates are lame I know, but more often than not, I write these while I have time to think while I’m working and it’s still fresh in my mind.

Have a great day chastity lovers!

Update: Trust vs choice, Big O, chastity myths.

It’s been a while so thought I would update my world to my faithful readers. I think I do this for me more now than you guys, anyone wanting answers of how this dynamic works has probably read enough to see how it started and now runs. I do like to share though so for those still interested.

Trust vs choice. I bring this up because recently I went on a little trip, and honestly I think the device helped. When I say helped, I mean it helped her, not really me. I went to a friends surprise birthday party 5 hours away, staying at a hotel for the night. I gave her a kiss goodbye, she told me to have fun and be careful, and I was on my way. I know she trusts me, I know she knows I love her, but I can’t help but feel that me wearing my cage helped divert any apprehension. She didn’t have to worry about it, but I’m certain by her look of peace of mind, that the cage made her feel assured.

Some might say you really can’t trust someone without giving them the opportunity to fail. I also know that I’ve been there. That sinking feeling in your gut, that odd feeling of doubt, insecurity, and panic. Maybe being locked wasn’t helping her with real trust…but the worry free look on her face as I left was no illusion. I don’t suggest anyone wearing a device to prove they will remain loyal or to stop infidelity. I will say that her not having that worry on her shoulders was noticeable and a blessing. My overnight trip, staying in a hotel, with people she didn’t know was met with about the same apprehension as a trip to Walmart.

Which ties into chastity myths. One such myth is that no device is escape proof. Although I would say that is a valid statement, if you can get in it you can get out of it. The effort required and consequences are far more than normal.

Escape 1. Pick the lock. I’m not sure about others, it’s not a skill I happen to already have. Maybe if it was sitting in front of me, but currently the lock is a foot and a half below my eyes, sideways, and attached to me. So picking a lock without being able to see it is a stretch.

Escape 2. Squeeze out. I myself am pierced and it’s attached to the cage, so that is out for me. Even if I wasn’t, and was able to pull the penis out of the top, there is no way of squeezing my balls out from the 7mm gap. That would leave the device hanging there in on your balls. Not exactly in a position to do anything with anyone for sure. Even if you did manage to squeeze your balls through the small gap, there would be no way to squeeze them back in.

Escape 3. Cutting it off. Well I’m pretty sure your kh would notice it being off, in pieces. My device is pretty thick steel, and I certainly wouldn’t want to attempt any cutting. Metal shavings, heat from the cutting, your penis only 2mm away from a rapidly moving blade, and attempting it from an awkward angle a foot and a half from your eyes…no thanks.

So yes they are escape proof, I didn’t say orgasm proof. If someone wants to pick locks blindfolded, rip their balls and penis tip off, or operate high speed cutting equipment around their genitalia, I would call that an exception to the rule.

Myth number two. Permanent. This really gets many chastity lovers into a tizzy. “It’s not permanent if it comes off!!” Oh Jesus gimme a break. Then there is no such thing as permanent because it will and should be removed occasionally. If not for grooming, at least to inspect for hot spots, and possible infections. You won’t feel it if it never gets hard. So, if someone wants to be technical, the lifestyle is permanent, the cage goes on and off as often as the lifestyle permits.

Myth number three. My penis shrunk. No…it didn’t. That would be like saying your leg, hand, or mouth shrank. As much as I adore the term love muscle, it isn’t a muscle. It is a tube shaped bundle of blood vessels and connective tissue covered by skin. When blood flows through those vessels, it gets hard, it stretches the elasticity, that’s as big as it gets. When we stop getting hard, blood isn’t keeping the vessels elasticity, and the blood does not flow like it once did. Did it shrink? Temporarily yes, permanently no. If blood is allowed to stretch those vessels back into an elastic state more frequently, you are back to full size. I myself am not out of my cage enough for that to happen, so yes I’m smaller now, but if I were to have enough time out of my cage it would roar back to its original 3.5 inches . Until then, it doesn’t get much bigger than 2.5.

That ends the mythbusting segment, now current events. My big O. I say my big O because it truly was mine, and was for my benefit only.

It was orgasm number 5 for the year, not that I’m counting or anything lol. She told me she wanted me to cum, I scrambled to get my cage off, and basically with no fore play for her, lubed up and slid into her. She started pushing all my buttons, telling me that she might just stick to toys from now on, how she couldn’t even feel my little dick inside of her, she wanted me to cum and she already knows she won’t cum from my little one inside her. She started playing with my breasts as they were directly above her and that was it. I couldn’t hold it any longer, I asked if I could cum, which at that point I don’t know why, it’s not like I could have stopped. It was wonderful. It was kind of the middle of the night wake me up to fool around kind of fun, so we didn’t explore more options, I wish I would have had time to taste her. It’s been forever since I’ve went down on her and I miss it terribly. I certainly wasn’t complaining though, and locked back up when I woke.

Well that’s pretty much it for us lately. We haven’t really delved any further back into our dominant/submissive dynamic. Although I do things around the house, she hasn’t requested her maid as of yet. She hasn’t disciplined me in a while, no out of cage teasing or ruined orgasms, I think giving her foot rubs has been the extent of her dominance lately lol. I’m sure when she’s ready to start again she’ll jump in with both feet. Until then, just living the locked life.

Have a great thanksgiving!